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    Unlikely Hiker

    I’m doing it! I’m actually going to hike the Cape Chignecto Coastal Trail.It’s  been on my radar for years, ever since Hubby and I did a stretch from Red Rocks to Refugees Cove many years ago. I thought then those ascents would kill me. Why did I wait so long? Simply put…Fear…I would do what seemed like a difficult hike and I’d tell myself  “You’d never be able to do Chignecto” ! Cape Chignecto is  rumored to be a spectacular wilderness  backpacking path  which provides a scenic  and challenging hiking experience . Most websites list it as difficult-I’m not surprised. Different sites also list it as being 44-52 km depending…

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    Hiking & Walking

    Hemlocks and Hardwoods Trail- Exploring Kejimkukjik

    I’ve spent a lot of time at Keji over the years, camping with the kids,with the husband, by myself. I’ve hiked it and biked it and kayaked to an island for lunch. One of Keji’s most popular trails I hadn’t had a chance to explore until recently is the Hemlocks and Hardwoods trail. The trail starts at the parking lot at Big Dam Lake.  Unless you are like us and go in January, when  the gate to Big Dam Lake road is closed.This adds several kilometers to your hike (out and back)    This trail is roughly a 5km mostly looped route  rated as moderate. I think most people would…

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    Hiking Gaff Point

    There’s a a trail in Lunenburg Co. that is  (one of ) my new favorites…It’s Gaff Point,located about an hour and a half from Halifax. As part of  the trailhead, you need to across pebbly Hirtles’ Beach. but if you go during low tide you can walk across sand instead of rock.  Wear good hiking shoes regardless. Next, there is a short climb through a privately owned field. Please heed signs for keeping gate shut, etc. The hike is just over 7 km , and rims around around the Point. Much of the trail is easy traveling, but you’ll encounter roots and rocks. Look out for  wet sections and some…

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    Hiking the Liscombe River Trail

    Nova Scotia Eastern Shore is home to some gorgeous scenery and great trails, such as Taylor Head Provincial Park and the Gibraltar Trail Liscombe River Trail has been on my to-do list for several years now. I had no idea what is what like, but I soon found out once I started out along it. This week we took a mini staycation at Liscombe Lodge with a couple of friends and our doggos. The plan was for the guys to fish and my friend and I would hike the 9.6 km trail. No problem. I’ve hiked harder and longer trails. Liscombe Lodge requires you sign out on going on the…

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    Morse’s (Moore’s) Brook Falls

    More Kings County explorations. This time it’s Morse Brook Falls in New Minas. This is a spot I’ve wanted to find since an acquaintance mentioned it to me…. This is a lovely set of three falls with a spectacular 50 ft one in the middle, and we had the most fun getting there. The far side of the brook is a high rock wall. The trail is about 2 km out and back. Any of the pools beneath the falls are really too shallow to swim. Some accounts I’ve read say it’s a good hike for kids…but I wouldn’t be bringing little ones. Now, the path up the brook  can…

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    My 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia

    InI recently stumbled across an old  CBC  article listing the 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia, as part of a greater 7 Wonders of Canada. These were: Peggy’s Cove Annapolis Royal Elizabeth LeFort’s Hooked Rugs The Halifax Public Gardens Oak Island (treasure) Fortress of  Louisbourg The criteria  was thus: Essential ‘Canadian-ness’ – historically significant, character filled, valued Originality/uniqueness of the pitch and place Spectacular physical site or amazing human creation Ability to inspire Canada is  indeed beautiful, from sea to shining sea. And it was a tough job to choose just  7 from Nova Scotia, studying nominations, online voting and adherence to criteria. I get that. And I get that everyone…

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    A Walk to Shingle Mill Falls

    Shingle Mill Falls   So, we are all in lockdown. The end is not really in sight… but we can travel around with our little bubble in our municipality. Hubby and I decided to see if we could find  a new trail-not that easy since we have done a lot of them in Kings County. My phone search gave us Shingle Mills Falls. It was short walk but still very nice. It was one of the prettiest little falls I’ve seen in a while.   As lockdown days go, it was a quite enjoyable one- new waterfall, topped off with a ice cream from Jonny’s CookHouse in Berwick on the…

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    Noggins Corner Farm Historic Walking Trail-Updated with Map!

    ( Note:) I’d planned to publish part three of free things to do, but with lock downs and closures-it seems a little useless because it may already be outdated.Instead I present to you.. Noggins Corner Farm Historic Walking Trail Tucked neatly in a back corner of the Noggin’s Farm is a quiet trail that winds up and down through the  through the woods and even across the Harvest Moon Trail at one point. I usually see others walking dogs all year long-it’s a great spot for that. Click this link to find out all the fun to be had on the farm! There are signs on the Noggins Corner Farm…

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  • Hiking in the rain
    Hiking & Walking

    Spring’s Coming! 10 Tips for Hiking in the Rain

    Winter has been a blast for those of us who love to snowshoe, ski and hike in the snow and cold temperatures-but I get it-lots of us are looking eagerly forward to spring. With spring comes rain and that can be downright uncomfortable  at the very least- and dangerous at worst. Without further ado, let me present  a few tips for staying just  a bit more comfortable hiking in the rain.         Dress in layers Never has that age old nugget of advice been more important than when hiking in inclement weather. Layers are essential for keeping warm when you stop for  a break and for cooling…

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    Rogart Mountain Trail

    As soon as I saw a post on Instagram about the Rogart  Mountain Trail, I knew I wanted to do it. So I set about strong arming(not really ) a good friend into hiking it with me.   Hikers are funny people . Or maybe it’s just me. If I have to walk up the hill on the road-I hate it. But give me some hilly trails and let me at them. I don’t know why. I loved Rogart Mountain Trail . The trail is a 6.3 km loop, and it’s beautiful, passing by brooks, softwood and hardwood stands, and lookoffs, including Catherine’s Lookoff which overlooks the  Dalhousie and Ephraim…