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My 5 Favorite Hikes In the Annapolis Valley

‏It was a foggy morning and the sun wouldn’t make the climb over Blomidon for
a while so we hiked quickly to catch the sunrise. No one else was on the
Jodrey Trail, and although the sunrise was muted due to clouds, it was still a
great hike. It was and remains, one of my favorite hikes.

1. Jodrey Trail at Blomidon Provincial Park.

This slightly challenging, heart pumping11k hike starts from the picnic area and climbs up to the top of Blomidon. There are some nice views along this trail, as it winds through the woods. I also enjoy hiking from the picnic park to the Visitor Centre and then coming down the
Borden Brook trail -under 5km. Be sure to take the little side trip near the bottom of Borden Brook
to see the falls.

You need to know:

The main gate is closed after Thanksgiving – you will have to climb up the Jodrey or
Borden Brook  trail to access any of the other trails.
Directions: Hwy 101, Exit 11 to Rte 358, 3138 Pereau Road, Canning.

Foggy at Blomidon -Favorite Hikes
Foggy Hike at Blomidon -Favorite Hikes
Favorite HikesA foggy sunrise at Blomidon
Favorite Hikes
A foggy sunrise at Blomidon

2. Crystal Falls, Greenwood.

The length, if you go to the right at the fork in the
road, is just under 5k.This trail is a beautiful hike anytime of year . I have done
the David Morse Trail (left fork) but found it a bit more rocky. The bottom of the
falls looks like a great place for a swim on a sweltering Valley day-haven’t done it
yet but it’s on my list.- my ever growing list. Walk to where the road is blocked
off and make your way on the left down the hills to the falls.

You need to know

Hunting season stretches from the end of Sept( for bear )to mid February (for rabbits)  ,so wear blaze orange


Take Exit 17 to hwy 1 and continue west into Kingston, then turn left at the lights to Greenwood. Turn left at the lights in Greenwood ( across from Canadian Tire) and then right at the next set towards the mall.

Go past the Greenwood Mall and across from Walmart, turn right at the Enviro Depot onto Rocknotch Road.
Cross a one lane bridge and come to a T in the road,where you will take a left turn, then right onto a dirt road. There is a red barn on the corner. This is still Rocknotch Road.
Continue until you come to a T in the road,then turn left on Harmony Road, crossing a one lane bridge.
At the top of the hill, park along the road.
The hike begins at the first dirt lane on your right.

Favorite HikesCrystal Falls
Favorite Hikes
Crystal Falls
Favorite HikesTop of Crystal Falls in Autumn
Favorite Hikes
Top of Crystal Falls in Autumn

Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail.

There are two choices , Charlies Trail and the Bohaker Trail.  I love the Bohaker
Trail because of the views and waterfall. This is a short(about 2km) but nice hike. Situated atop the North Mountain, east of the town of Annapolis, there are great views of the Bay of Fundy and a waterfall. Access to the waterfall is via a steep and narrow pathway. Share on X

You Need to Know

Pit toilers and picnic tables
Open seasonally
2077 Shore Road West
Delap’s Cove
View of the Bay of Fundy at Delaps Cove
View of the Bay of Fundy at Delaps Cove
Fave HikesBottom of Crystal Falls
Fave Hikes
Bottom of Crystal Falls

Cape Split .

This well known 13.2 km trail offers a moderately difficult hike . In
2019 the 450-hectare area was designated a Provincial Park in 2019
and in 2021 the province added more trail to make it a loop instead of just an out
and back . The crowning jewel is the view of the Split. Plan on 2-4 hours plus
time for enjoying the views along the way and at the Split.
Despite a spacious parking lot, quite often it’s pretty full by afternoon and you’ll
see people on the trail at any time of year. There are pit toilets at the beginning
of the hike and another set open seasonally )about 2 km in on the Look Off Trail
( turn right at the fork to go this way along the along the loop)

You Need to Know:

Open year round.Prepare and dress for conditions.

Dog allowed but leashed , especially important at the Split. I can’t stress this enough for the dog’s safety

999 Cape Split Road, Canning, 

Group Hike to Cape Split
Group Hike to Cape Split
Lookoff from the new section of Cape Split trail
Lookoff from the new section of Cape Split trail

Moses Mountain

If you like to climb and enjoy  scenic views, the short hike (3.5km) to Moses Mountain may be the hike for you. Turning right from the gate and walking up the hill, look for a twisted piece of aluminum in a tree on your right as a marker to the trail head . The trail is marked with orange hunters tape and is pretty easy to follow. The climb begins a quarter km from the top and it is a climb.

From the granite topped rock at then ends, views of  lakes and the neighborings hilltops make for a great spot for  a picnic or just a breather.

Trail marker for Mozes Mountain.The flag is not there anymore
Aluminum marking trailhead. Please note-the flag is not longer there.
My 5 favorite hikes.A view from the top of Moses Mountain
My 5 favorite hikes.A view from the top of Moses Mountain


What You Need to Know

This is another spot you need to be aware hunting season.

Take highway 14 to Chester and Look for signs for Mill section. Slow down and turn in the driveway with civic numbers on the right-2955 , 2957 and 2961. Turn right there and drive  a short distance to a  small parking area on the right next to the gate. Do not park inside the gate . 

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