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    Kayaking with Novashores Adventures

    Kayaking with Novashores Adventures has been on my Bucket List for quite some time. Recently I had a chance to check that off my list-I booked my husband and myself on the 6 hour Three Sisters Day Tour, one of the group of sea stacks nestled along the shore of Cape Chignecto on the Bay of Fundy. Located within the waters of Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, the Three Sisters sea stacks are one of the Bay of Fundy’s main kayaking attractions.  Local Mi’kmaw legends say they’re three sisters turned to stone.  That was only one of the great stories our guide shared with us on this trip. There was lots…

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    My 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia

    InI recently stumbled across an old  CBC  article listing the 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia, as part of a greater 7 Wonders of Canada. These were: Peggy’s Cove Annapolis Royal Elizabeth LeFort’s Hooked Rugs The Halifax Public Gardens Oak Island (treasure) Fortress of  Louisbourg The criteria  was thus: Essential ‘Canadian-ness’ – historically significant, character filled, valued Originality/uniqueness of the pitch and place Spectacular physical site or amazing human creation Ability to inspire Canada is  indeed beautiful, from sea to shining sea. And it was a tough job to choose just  7 from Nova Scotia, studying nominations, online voting and adherence to criteria. I get that. And I get that everyone…

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    How to Walk on the Ocean Floor

    Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that the Bay of Fundy’s Minas Basin has the highest tides in the world. Twice in a 24 hour period, these mighty tide rush in (as fast as a running horse ) to cover the ocean floor and lap  greedily the base of cliffs. I’ve been blessed to live near this briney water  my entire life. I learned to swim in it. I’ve fished smelts (yuck) flounder, striped bass. I’ve walked kilometers along the ocean floor, too. Walking on the ocean floor is  a relaxing pastime for many. Depending, of course, on the tide times. This is the most important piece…

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    The River Wild-Shubenacadie River Rafting in Nova Scotia

     Shubenacadie River Rafting “Nae man can tether time nor tide…” Robbie Burns immortal words struck me as unforgivably appropriate. The powerful tides of Nova Scotia’s Minas Basin are, even as we make our way to the tiny hamlet of Maitland,relentlessly snaking its way towards the mouth of the Shubenacadie River. The Shubenacadie-one of the top five rivers for rafting in Canada- is the one we will be on today. In 1995,Maitland, a once thriving shipbuilding community,was  designated the province’s first Heritage Conservation District. Here you will find Lawrence House Museum-one of the area’s many beautiful 19th century homes and the 1874 launching site of the “WD Lawrence”, Canada’s largest…

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    Bay of Fundy

    Six Ways to Experience the Bay of Fundy Tides

    As a native Nova Scotian growing up around the Bay of Fundy, I didn’t realize what a very big deal laying claim to the world’s highest tides actually is. It is a very big deal . If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience this phenomenon ( It is one of the 7 Wonders of North America , after all) then you are in for a treat. Several treats, in fact. Here are six of my favorites, in no particular order. Tidal Bore/Tidal Bore Rafting Shubenacadie River Runners (the only one I’ve tried-there are several) 8681 NS-215, Maitland, NS B0N 1T0 Truro Tidal Bore Viewing Centre  103 Tidal Bore Rd,…

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    Stuck in the Fundy Mud

    I’m here relaxing and recuperating from my TKR surgery (total knee replacement) and looking forward to the day I get out and about in anything other than a cane shuffling, slow walking manner.I’m wondering what the summer may bring, which,if all goes well  may be  participating for the second time in the Not Since Moses  Mud Run held yearly in Five Islands  For some it may be a competitive  5 or 10k run.But for most, myself included, it’s an entertaining, dirty and labor intensive schlepp through stick deep goop. Not just any mud but the thick ankle sucking  red mud of the Bay of Fundy. I first participated in 2015,…

  • Burntcoat Head-Great Fall Adventures
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    Burntcoat Head Park

    One of the spots I love  to poke around  is Burntcoat Head  Park in Noel, Hants County. This park is just another of the special gifts the Bay of Fundy offers up for us. Known world wide for having the highest tides on earth, Burntcoat Head entered the Guinness Books of World Records in 1975 as having that designation. However,other communities communities along the Bay disputed the fact  and even Ungava Bay in Northern Quebec wanted to lay claim to this title. A tide gauge installed by the Canadian Hydrographic Services in 1998 confirmed  once and for all that Burntcoat Head does indeed own that title. Yay for us. Upgrades…

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    10 Things to Do Day Tripping Along in Colchester County

    Alright. You neither know nor care where Colchester County is, right? I’m telling you anyway, because its just a beautiful part of the province. Colchester encompasses Shubenacadie to Truro to Five Islands and some of the most spectacular views of the Bay of Fundy and Cobequid Bay you will  ever see. We aren’t strangers to this area-hubby has a camp on Economy Mountain. Sometimes we just jump in the car and make  a day of exploring -always something new to find. Like this ‘flowerpot’, almost close enough to touch along Soley Cove Rd.

  • Whale watching on Brier Island-Nova Scotia Day Trips
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    Whale Watching on Brier Island

    Brier Island Whale and Seabird Tours Briar Island is a smallish basalt  island off the coast of southwest Nova Scotia, only 7.5 km long and 2.5 km wide. The economy runs on  fishing and seasonally on  ecotourism-mainly whale and bird watching tours.In fact, some lobster fishermen set their traps from the last Monday in  November and pull them for the season on May 31st,clean the boat,then captain these ecotours during the summer season. Whale season runs from about mid June to Mid October. Then they all stream back to the Caribbean and its warm waters for the winter months. Humpbacks are preceded to the Bay of Fundy by Finback Whales, Minke Whales and…

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    Bay of Fundy

    The Mighty Bay of Fundy

    Nova Scotia’s Mighty Bay of Fundy:  Nova Scotia, My Heart and My Home   Years ago, as a newly wed, my husband was offered an interview with a company in British Columbia. That interview hinted at wonderful opportunities and a good life. How did I take this exciting news? I cried. I cried for days at the very thought of moving from Nova Scotia. Finally, my husband cancelled the interview.   And, after all this time, I still wouldn’t want to live anywhere but this beautiful province. Why would I? As a child, there wasn’t much opportunity to explore. As an adult, I am sure as hell making up for…