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    Packing Your Backpack

    My first time backpacking was with a knowledgeable friend within the Bluff Wilderness System. I knew less than nothing. Her partner decided  to unceremoniously dump my backpack out and proceeded to repack it for me. There is a system-who knew? Now, I’m going to tell you how I learned to fill  my pack for the best weight distribution, ease of grabbing contents and less pressure on my back and shoulders. First grab a large garbage to line the inside of your backpack.  Then: (1) My lightweight but warm sleeping bag squishes up really small in it’s compression sack-that goes in the bottom. Why? It cushions my lower back. If there…

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    Dawson Brook Falls

      If you are looking for a short but pretty stroll after Sunday supper, Dawson Brook Falls might be it,if you live near Hants County or Eastern Kings County. I’m always up to find new trails and waterfalls, so we set out to find this spot inspired by the travels of  @newtrailsouthere . Google Maps was up to her old tricks. After taking us to the gated road, she insisted the trail started on our left directly onside the gate. And it did look like a trail, which we followed for short way. Wrong. Unless I am really familiar with a trail-and I mean really, I use a GPS app,…

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    Kayaking with Novashores Adventures

    Kayaking with Novashores Adventures has been on my Bucket List for quite some time. Recently I had a chance to check that off my list-I booked my husband and myself on the 6 hour Three Sisters Day Tour, one of the group of sea stacks nestled along the shore of Cape Chignecto on the Bay of Fundy. Located within the waters of Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, the Three Sisters sea stacks are one of the Bay of Fundy’s main kayaking attractions.  Local Mi’kmaw legends say they’re three sisters turned to stone.  That was only one of the great stories our guide shared with us on this trip. There was lots…

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    Hiking Cape Split During Mud Season

    The temperature was perfect as we wound our way along the trail. We encountered some big fluffy snowflakes followed by  sunny skies.  All were welcome. I’ve hiked  Cape Split numerous times but this is only the second time I did the the new loop. I had done some research and was expecting mud and I was not disappointed to find, it was indeed, mud season.     The  newly looped trail, 13.2 km, not including distance to  viewpoints, and runs through old growth forest with some new scenic look offs. Scots Bay trail-the new section, offers views of the Bay of Fundy while the ‘old’ trail-the Minas Basin Trail, now…

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    My 5 Favorite Hikes In the Annapolis Valley

    ‏It was a foggy morning and the sun wouldn’t make the climb over Blomidon for a while so we hiked quickly to catch the sunrise. No one else was on the Jodrey Trail, and although the sunrise was muted due to clouds, it was still a great hike. It was and remains, one of my favorite hikes. 1. Jodrey Trail at Blomidon Provincial Park. This slightly challenging, heart pumping11k hike starts from the picnic area and climbs up to the top of Blomidon. There are some nice views along this trail, as it winds through the woods. I also enjoy hiking from the picnic park to the Visitor Centre and then…

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    The Jodrey Trail Loop- Northward to Indian Springs

    I love Blomidon and the moderately difficult Jodrey Trail is my favorite. Up until recently, time and  lack of motivation kept me from hiking to the end of it , usually choosing to head back along the Woodland Trail., or crossing over at the Visitor Centre and going down Borden Brook. This time, my goal was to get to Indian Springs and  that last look off. I parked at the Visitor Centre to do the 8.5 km round trip upper loop. There were some climbs but nothing like the lower part of the Jodrey Trail. Lots of roots -a walking stick is handy. Part of the trail leads through the…

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    Almost All You Need to Know about the Harvest Moon Trail

      Updated Sept 14 2022, just in time for prime biking season Feature photo compliments of We’re Outside 465 Main St, Wolfville *all rights to all posts belong to Hello Weekend.Please don’t copy without permission. Harvest Moon Trail East to West  The Harvest Moon Trail officially opened in the fall of 2017, after the section from Grand Pre to Wolfville was complete, and was the culmination of 20 years of sweat equity from volunteers and stakeholders to make it happen. The trail snakes throughout the heart of our beautiful Annapolis Valley  for 110 km, from Grand Pre to Annapolis Royal, crossing highway #1 in many places and allowing (or forcing) it’s…

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    I Quit Cape Chignecto

    Cape Chignecto was a goal, a dream, a Bucket List item. I wanted to see the Three Sisters from up high; to take a selfie with the sign on the cabin saying Carey’s Brook. In the end, I did neither of those things. What happened? January is the month that encourages you to plan,and to make and work steadily towards goals. I feel it was not for nothing that I stumbled across the phrase “ Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone.” I took that literally. I announced my decision to hike Cape Chignecto to all the world via Facebook. I inquired if anyone may be interested in…

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    26 Nova Scotia Day Trips From A to Z

    I think Nova Scotia is one of th best places to live and explore – I live here and I love it. I want  to share with you some of my favorite Nova Scotia Day Trips A to  Z to start you off on your adventures here. A- Advocate Harbour- I love Advocate Harbour.The scenery is stunning and NovaShores Adventures tours is definitely on my bucket list. Cape d’Or Lighthouse is a steep down hill stroll from the parking lot, but you can grab  a meal or even stay overnight. Please  note that restaurant hours are subject to change without notice so please call ahead 1-902-670-8314 or email at [email protected] (or…

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    Clothing for a 4 Day Backpacking Trip

    well, friends it’s been a while. I left you with a promise of returning last post and I just… disappeared for a while. Writing about what to bring and what to do to prepare of backpacking just made it so real for an instant. Scared me. Why? I can do this. It’s up to me how much it will hurt to do it ,but I can  do this. I believe I promised  a list of clothing and personal items I will be bringing. This is my own list and not scrounged ( but not plagiarized! ) from a website. This is for  a 4 day 3 night backing trip to…

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