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My Planned Gear List for Cape Chignecto

Almost as important as starting to get in shape for a backpacking trip, is planning  gear list. Backpacking is not cheap but I am trying to do it as economically as I can, at the same time getting quality.

Here the humongous suggested gear list for Cape Chignecto straight from the mouth of Mountain Equipment Co-Op. Because of the looonnngg list I’m going to break it up into several posts.

FYI, Because of Covid, MEC is not  offering their gear rental option this year, but hope to in 2023. Too bad because that’s a way to try on backpacking with too much of an investment-in  case you hate it guts.


Sleep System

  • Sleeping bag and compression sack
    I shopped around online for quite a while trying to figure out what I wanted/needed. A bag that was light to carry and warm without being really expensive. I learned my lesson when did  I a one night backpacking trip on the Bluff Trail.  I bought a really cheap but light bag and was uncomfortable and chilly all night long.
    I finally chose a bag -1 C down sleeping bag from Garage Gear for $199. It was on clearance. Once I take it on a test trip I can tell you what I think of it.  It has a big storage bag AND a small sack to stuff it in for backpacking.Weight:1lb 13 oz

Dry bag or garbage bag to put your sleeping bag in
This chickie is just going to use a garbage bag

Sleeping pad
I bought a folding type sleeping pad from the same place as my bag for $39. It weighs 500 grams and comes with a storage bag.

Planning my gear list for Chignecto
Planning my gear list for Chignecto – sleeping pad

Lightweight packable pillow (optional)
I have a down jacket I bought from Zulily that was surprisingly inexpensive and warm this winter ( out of stock now) I’ll be jamming that in it’s small sack and using for a pillow plus extra warmth when/if needed on the trail.


Shared items for your hiking group:
Tent, fly footprint, tent poles.

In the spirit of not carrying a tent and of not trying to chuck a rope over a branch to keep critters of all sizes off my food,I booked the cabins at Cape Chignecto for 3 nights @ $198.15 -this includes tax , non refundable reservation fee of  $7.83 per night and a seniors discount of $2.04 for each night

Next week-Camp kitchen