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Research and More Research-Cape Chignecto

I’ve always loved research, and it’s going to stand me in good stead for this trek. I’ve decided my best chance at success is to go as light as I can with my gear.

Its not like I’m attempting the Appalachian Trail.. but a 52 km loop with numerous gut grinding climbs is nothing to sneeze at either.

I’m a backpacking rookie. I’ve taken a backpacking course and I’ve done the Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail before with a very knowledgeable friend who held my hand throughout the entire process and that’s it. I’ve hiked lots and some of them were damn hard. But not Chignecto hard. And not lugging 30 lbs of gear while slogging kilometer long hills.

This is different.  I and I alone am responsible for  my welfare. My meals. My warmth at night. My blisters. I’m the one who must dragging my butt up and down those inclines carrying  a pack-not a wimpy little day pack, no, but one which may weigh up to 30lbs….(or gawd no, more)

My regular camping gear would not do …way too heavy and cumbersome. This is where research came in… I hope to replace items as I can afford to ..even selling some things or buying secondhand.

One thing I noticed right away is that there is so many websites and shopping sites urging you to buy gear.  If you Google backpacking gear you get about 86,800,000 results

So…I chose several criteria to help me narrow down my search. It had to be:

  1. Lightweight or even better -ultralight weight
  2. Affordable
  3. Suited to my needs for the trip -warm enough, ease of use, etc.

Take your time and look around. Compare prices. Make a list, including weights of each item-trust me, it’s important.

You may even be able to borrow some stuff and avoid buying until you decide if backpacking is really for you.

Join a Facebook hiking group or two.They have great suggestions.

Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC)  even has a checklist for backpacking Cape Chignecto

MEC also has a Clearance Cabin

Have fun dreaming about this stuff…

I’ll be sharing some of my finds in the next few weeks.