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My 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia

InI recently stumbled across an old  CBC  article listing the 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia, as part of a greater 7 Wonders of Canada. These were:

  1. Peggy’s Cove
  2. Annapolis Royal
  3. Elizabeth LeFort’s Hooked Rugs
  4. The Halifax Public Gardens
  5. Oak Island (treasure)
  6. Fortress of  Louisbourg

The criteria  was thus:

Essential ‘Canadian-ness’ – historically significant, character filled, valued

Originality/uniqueness of the pitch and place

Spectacular physical site or amazing human creation

Ability to inspire

Canada is  indeed beautiful, from sea to shining sea. And it was a tough job to choose just  7 from Nova Scotia, studying nominations, online voting and adherence to criteria. I get that. And I get that everyone has their own opinions about the 7 most awesome spots in Nova Scotia.

And these choices are pretty awesome. But are they my choices for the 7 wonders of Nova Scotia. Nope.

Without further ado-here are mine.

  1. Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site- There’s always seemed something almost spiritual about Keji to me- a lazy paddle on the Mersey, a bike ride along Slapfoot. many happy hours were spent there as my kids were growing up and later, by myself . I haven’t been for a few years and I know changes happen but I hope when I do get back there it touches me in the same way.
    Kejimkujik National Park- 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia


  2. Bay of Fundy– I’ve always loved it -from the mightiness of the tides, to the tidal bores, whale watching, sea stacks, and the bragging rights. For, of course the Bay of Fundy’s Minas Basin has the highest of the high tides. Burntcoat Head holds the record for the highest recorded tides and has a beautiful little park to enjoy it. Find tide times here
    Burntcoat Head 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia
    Burntcoat Head 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia
  3. The Bluenose 11 – To me it is a wonderful symbol of Nova Scotia Pride. 2021 celebrates Bluenose 100 Sail Past Summer, sailing by and anchoring in ports around Nova Scotia. Check out the schedule.
  4. The Cabot Trail, especially the Skyline Trail. (and especially in fall!)  The Skyline  Trail is on my list to do again. We had planned to do it several years ago in October, but the trail was closed due to randy and unpredictable moose.
    Skyline Trail, 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia
    Skyline Trail, On the Cabot Trail
  5. All 20 of the Nova Scotia Provincial Parks. They’ve got beaches, hiking, backpacking, canoe routes, fishing, boardwalks -I spend a lot of time in Nova Scotia’s parks.
    Pomquet Provincial Park 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia
    Pomquet Provincial Park 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia
  6. Sable Island-Never been but would love to explore 9car3efully ) that delicate ecosystem and hopefully catch a glimpse of some of those 500 magnificent horses on Canada’s 43rd National Park
    Sable Island Ponies
    Photo Credit Parks Canada
  7. Tancook Island– The  little workhorse of a passenger ferry, William G Ernst, transports people and goods to and from Big and Little Tancook Island and is the best $7 you can spend for a great ‘cruise’ across Mahone Bay and some exploring time on the island itself- no at lot of amenities but great for walking,biking and exploring Here’s the ferry schedule. Note Finding a parking spot to leave your car in Chester can be somewhat  nightmarish.
Tancook Island
7 Wonders of Nova Scotia-Tancook Island

That’s my 7 picks? I know you have yours. Let’s hear em’ in the comments beliow!

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