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    26 Nova Scotia Day Trips From A to Z

    I think Nova Scotia is one of th best places to live and explore – I live here and I love it. I want  to share with you some of my favorite Nova Scotia Day Trips A to  Z to start you off on your adventures here. A- Advocate Harbour- I love Advocate Harbour.The scenery is stunning and NovaShores Adventures tours is definitely on my bucket list. Cape d’Or Lighthouse is a steep down hill stroll from the parking lot, but you can grab  a meal or even stay overnight. Please  note that restaurant hours are subject to change without notice so please call ahead 1-902-670-8314 or email at [email protected] (or…

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    Apple Picking Time in the Annapolis Valley

    Updated Sept 3 2021 Now that strawberry picking season is over and blueberries will be finished before you know it-it’s  apple picking time! It’s a favorite time of year for many.And why not?  Enjoying the crisp clear fall air, biting into tart and juicy apple, the feeling of filling the larder for the winter…. In this post, I’m going to give you tips to make the most of this great fall activity, from the correct way to pick to choosing the best apples for cooking and for eating and finish off with a few Annapolis Valley U Picks for you to try. Full disclosure. I have picked apples. But not…

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    Now’s the time…to have a corn boil!

    The corn is readdyyyy…. sweet, juicy flavourful ears, a sprinkle of salt, butter dripping down your chin. What could be better? Eating on the beach, that’s what! Having a corn boil is not only a great way to celebrate the harvest and summer, its also a wonderfully easy way to host a gathering. Gather these supplies A big pot. Keep in mind that the usual 6 litre pot will only hold a half dozen ears. A stockpot is better. An old stockpot is best, because it will get black on the bottom and sides. Bring lots of small dry kindling , small (as in width) split firewood Matches or lighter.…

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    10 Tidbits for Tubing the Gaspereau River

    Tubing is on my list this summer. Of course it’s been on my list for the last few summers, but have I gotten there?? Nooooo. Its a hella fun thing to do and if you haven’t tried it, I suggest you put it on your Summer To Do List. Here are some tips for the newbies out there.. 10 Tips for Tubing the Gaspereau River  Join this private Facebook  Group.  This is run by the owner of King of the River Tube Rentals and she is in regualr contact with Nova Scotia Power. She posts when the river is up and running or down. Down means you will walk the…

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    My 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia

    InI recently stumbled across an old  CBC  article listing the 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia, as part of a greater 7 Wonders of Canada. These were: Peggy’s Cove Annapolis Royal Elizabeth LeFort’s Hooked Rugs The Halifax Public Gardens Oak Island (treasure) Fortress of  Louisbourg The criteria  was thus: Essential ‘Canadian-ness’ – historically significant, character filled, valued Originality/uniqueness of the pitch and place Spectacular physical site or amazing human creation Ability to inspire Canada is  indeed beautiful, from sea to shining sea. And it was a tough job to choose just  7 from Nova Scotia, studying nominations, online voting and adherence to criteria. I get that. And I get that everyone…

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    Join my new Wild in Nature membership program

    Friends, I’d like to introduce my new membership program-Wild in Nature- something I have been thinking about for about a year. For 14.99 plus tax you have free access to online courses and  plus discounts on specialty hikes and retreats ( all regular hikes will remain free ) Its great for those of you who want to meet new people  and have  folks to do things with-that’s us. No We will have online learning opportunities at least once a month, on subjects such as caring  for you hiking gear, how to choose the right hiking shoes, getting your bike ready for the season, etc. Please note: The outings and events…

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    How to Walk on the Ocean Floor

    Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that the Bay of Fundy’s Minas Basin has the highest tides in the world. Twice in a 24 hour period, these mighty tide rush in (as fast as a running horse ) to cover the ocean floor and lap  greedily the base of cliffs. I’ve been blessed to live near this briney water  my entire life. I learned to swim in it. I’ve fished smelts (yuck) flounder, striped bass. I’ve walked kilometers along the ocean floor, too. Walking on the ocean floor is  a relaxing pastime for many. Depending, of course, on the tide times. This is the most important piece…

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    An Evening Paddle with East Coast Outfitters

    I can never get enough kayak paddling in. Stuff like work gets in the way. However, I did grab an opportunity to take my two daughters -in-law and head out for the Ladies Night Paddle with East Coast Outfitters recently. I’ve been out with them before but I enjoy trying out new adventures such as this Ladies Night and it did not disappoint.     I love a leisurely paddle where I can take a moment to see, hear and smell what’s around me on the water. This is the ambiance I want others to experience in any outdoor venue-woods, water, whatever.   Although this paddle started off as a…

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    Flounder Fishing in the Minas Basin

    Most restaurants in Nova Scotia use haddock in their fish and chips but at home, I use flounder . My family heads out in Mid June to early July to Houston Beach (below Blomindon) to catch some for supper and some for winter provisions. Like all Bay of Fundy adventures, this one is tidal. (Find time times for Blomidon here)  The plan is to wait for the tide to come in and lift us off the bottom, so with  the help of a set of bicycle wheels set on an axle, we push- pull it down closer to the water line. Our crew usually tries to be there about 3…

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    The River Wild-Shubenacadie River Rafting in Nova Scotia

     Shubenacadie River Rafting “Nae man can tether time nor tide…” Robbie Burns immortal words struck me as unforgivably appropriate. The powerful tides of Nova Scotia’s Minas Basin are, even as we make our way to the tiny hamlet of Maitland,relentlessly snaking its way towards the mouth of the Shubenacadie River. The Shubenacadie-one of the top five rivers for rafting in Canada- is the one we will be on today. In 1995,Maitland, a once thriving shipbuilding community,was  designated the province’s first Heritage Conservation District. Here you will find Lawrence House Museum-one of the area’s many beautiful 19th century homes and the 1874 launching site of the “WD Lawrence”, Canada’s largest…