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Cheverie Saltmarsh Trail-Trails in West Hants
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3 Easy Trails in West Hants

Sometimes, you don’t want to struggle along a steep, rocky, long hike. Sometimes you just want a few kilometers outside in nature-I know I do, which is why I am sharing the information on these pretty easy trails in West Hants.

Keep in mind, there are other great trails in West Hants, but today it’s gonna be these 3- Irishman’s Road, Smiley’s Provincial Park and the Salt Marsh Trail in Cheverie.

Irishman’s Road Trail

Irishman’s Road Recreation Site-Trails in West Hants

This is one of my oft used trails to take the dog walking and there are plenty of options for length. There are all well marked, but it’s best to familiarize yourself with the trail map at the beginning . We usually take the first trail on the right past the Glooscap Heritage Archery clubhouse-the Glooscap Heritage Loop, and then we add others as the mood strikes us[click_to_tweet tweet=”.Part of that trails is shared with the archery club,but no worries.You won’t be allowed on the trail when there is an archery meet in progress.” quote=”Part of that trails is shared with the archery club,but no worries.You won’t be allowed on the trail when there is an archery meet in progress.”]

The trails markers allow you to choose the difficulty you’d like-but none of them are that difficult- a few hills and roots. This system also doubles as  mountain biking trails.
Click here to go to a trail map-just click on the trail you’re interested in and it will tell you the name, length and any other juicy bits of information you may want to know.
Address: 151 Irishman’s Rd, Windsor, NS

Smiley’s Provincial Park Trails

Smileys Provincial Park-Trails in West Hants

I wish I could say all trails in West Hants, or anywhere for that matter, were as well marked as Irishman’s Road-alas, they are not.
Such is the case with the trails at Smiley’s.I have gotten turned around there more than once. There is a nice section that follows the Meander River-(in case you are wondering, you WON’T find the Meander River Falls at Smileys) – with some spots deep enough  for a swim. There are no big hills. It’s also a campground, if you wanted to add that to your agenda.And, one of the things I love about provincial parks is the list of events that are planned around the province throughout the year.Unfortunately there are no more events at Smiley’s planned for Smileys in 2019. Trail map is here
Address: 109 Clayton McKay Road, Hwy 14, Brooklyn, NS

Salt Marsh Trail in Cheverie

Cheverie Saltmarsh Trail-Trails in West Hants
Cheverie Saltmarsh Trail-Trails in West Hants


Across the road from the Cheverie Causeway( Worth a stroll along the beach on the ebb tide as well) you’ll find the Salt Marsh trail head. It’s an easy walk of about 2 km return though the woods to the boardwalk that traverses the marsh and you can  either return the same way or  follow the meadow back. Interpretive signs will explain the history and importance of the salt marsh. As with  a great many trails, this one was built but the sweat of volunteers. Find a trail map here.
Address:  6500 Hwy 215,Cheverie, NS


These trails do not allow motorized vehicles and are dog friendly, providing they are on leash and cleaned up after.