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Economy River Falls

Updated June 3rd. The trail to the falls is now cleared and is not a jungle anymore-thanks to whoever did the bush whacking

It’s been years since I have been to Economy Falls-can’t even guess at how long. But being semi retired means one can pick up and go when the mood strikes them-usually.

That’s what we did on a recent beautiful spring day -just packed a lunch and headed out for beautiful Colchester County. and the hike to the falls.

First though, we had to get to the trail head. The road was a tad rough.

The road into Economy Falls left much to be desired.
The road into Economy Falls left much to be desired.

Then at the trail head, we had to practically bush wack our way in-but hey-whoever said hiking was supposed to be easy?

Trailhead, Economy Falls
Trail head, Economy Falls

The path got easier to get through the closer we got to the descent to the falls. The website claims 186 steps but I think some of them have been removed -just the last section of trail had wooden steps-about 70, I think but who knows.I tried to count them on the way up but counting and breathing were too much for me to manage at the same time on the ascent.

I had a thought this morning I’d like to try the aptly named Devil’s Bend trail again, but after this…. well.It reminded me of just a little of what to expect.

Down the hill to Economy Falls
Down the hill to Economy Falls

The trail into into the falls is only about a km each way and it could use some work at but still absolutely worth it.

Directions to Economy Falls

Take Exit 12 off Highway 104 to Hwy #2 –Glenholme/Economy/Five Islands-You’re heading for Economy,about 42 km away.
Once you get past the Cobequid Interpretive Centre (on your left) start looking for Carrs Brook Road (Dirt road on your right)

You’ll see signs once you turn onto Carrs Brook that tell you the Falls Trail is about 7km. The road has some washouts and is rough in sections.
There is a parking lot sort of on the right of the road at the trail head and also a outside toilet, but I recommend you use the bushes-I looked inside.

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