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Dawson Brook Falls


If you are looking for a short but pretty stroll after Sunday supper, Dawson Brook Falls might be it,if you live near Hants County or Eastern Kings County.

I’m always up to find new trails and waterfalls, so we set out to find this spot inspired by the travels of  @newtrailsouthere .

Google Maps was up to her old tricks. After taking us to the gated road, she insisted the trail started on our left directly onside the gate. And it did look like a trail, which we followed for short way.


Unless I am really familiar with a trail-and I mean really, I use a GPS app, like Gaia (my go to for unfamiliar, confusing trails ) or Alltrails.

Alltrails insisted I had taken  wrong turn.

We had.

Dawson Brook Falls is actually a short walk down a pretty good dirt road, then taking the right folk by some big ass boulders to get on the trail.

You don’t even half to walk the road -you can drive to the fork, but we were already parked so….we walked the extra few minutes.

Its a gorgeous waterfall-not surprising considering the rain we have had this year so far, and one I’m sure to visit again.

How To Get There:

  • Take Exit 4 from Highway 101,then right onto Highway 1
  • Turn Right onto Dawson Road in Ellershouse,then right onto Ellershouse Road
  • Turn left onto Williams Road,  then take the next left  and the next.
  • Best not to park inside the gate-there is a sign saying it could be locked at any time.
  • Just follow your nose down the gravel wood road until to you to the fork -then veer tight.


  • What You Need to Know About Dawson Brook Falls

  • If you’re looking for a hike, this is pretty, but not very long. Luckily there is a plethora of hikes all close by so you can easily add more mileage to your boots.
  • For instance, Mount Uniacke Estate Park  (about a 20 minute drive away) has a few to choose from including the Red Spruce  Loop Trail .
  • It’s spring after all-and that means mud.
  • Every season is tick season in Nova Scotia