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    Outfitting My Camp Kitchen

    6Four short months form today, I hope we will be chilling in our bunkhouse after completing the arduous journey from Red Rocks. I’m not nervous yet, but I will be. And that’s ok. I’m going to be as  prepared as I know to be and leave the rest to the Man upstairs. I’m not really afraid of wildlife. (Unless I come face to face with one) I’m not afraid of peeing in the woods-done it a thousand times. (I’m a country gal after all) I know I will need to be careful where I put my feet…since falling down seems to be a contact sport with me. Or of getting…

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    My Planned Gear List for Cape Chignecto

    Almost as important as starting to get in shape for a backpacking trip, is planning  gear list. Backpacking is not cheap but I am trying to do it as economically as I can, at the same time getting quality. Here the humongous suggested gear list for Cape Chignecto straight from the mouth of Mountain Equipment Co-Op. Because of the looonnngg list I’m going to break it up into several posts. FYI, Because of Covid, MEC is not  offering their gear rental option this year, but hope to in 2023. Too bad because that’s a way to try on backpacking with too much of an investment-in  case you hate it guts.…

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    What is Your Why -Cape Chignecto Hike

    I did it! I booked nights at 3 bunkhouses along the Cape Chignecto Loop. Not  as  easy as it might seem-sort of like a puzzle to get consecutive available nights booked. Get two booked and the third is not available for the night you want..go back and start all over again. Some may ask why I would want to do such a crazy thing at my age. Certainly my husband does…often. What is my reason? My why?? I guess I want to prove I can do it – that ‘women’ of a certain age’  can do hard things -providing we aren’t foolish about it and are totally prepared and physically…

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    Starting a Training Plan for the Cape

    I’ve decided April 1st will be the start of a serious training plan for Cape Chignecto.. still got lots of time, but I  have  along way to go… I have been semi-training this month but I’m seduced way too easily by the thought of a nap or a good tv show…or a  any tv show.  Going back to work mid May will make it even harder to get my butt in gear so it’s important I have a  solid plan in place by then-and you all  need to hold my feet to the fire. Below is a a bit of a training plan I created. I’ll be adding pack weight…

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    Research and More Research-Cape Chignecto

    I’ve always loved research, and it’s going to stand me in good stead for this trek. I’ve decided my best chance at success is to go as light as I can with my gear. Its not like I’m attempting the Appalachian Trail.. but a 52 km loop with numerous gut grinding climbs is nothing to sneeze at either. I’m a backpacking rookie. I’ve taken a backpacking course and I’ve done the Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail before with a very knowledgeable friend who held my hand throughout the entire process and that’s it. I’ve hiked lots and some of them were damn hard. But not Chignecto hard. And not lugging 30…

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    Red Spruce Loop Mount Uniacke Estate Park

    I can finally say I have completed all the hiking trails in the Mount Uniacke Estate Park-it always seem the Red Spruce Loop got a miss for some reason or other. Last fall, it was because it was flooded during our ‘Mud Hike of 2021 ‘. Those of you who joined me on that hike will know what I mean. This hike is just over 4.5 km and rims Uniacke Lake for part of it and the turns uphill and into the woods. We wore our ice cleats and I’m glad we did…. although some of the trail was bear a of it has ice or hard packed slippery snow.…

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    Unlikely Hiker

    I’m doing it! I’m actually going to hike the Cape Chignecto Coastal Trail.It’s  been on my radar for years, ever since Hubby and I did a stretch from Red Rocks to Refugees Cove many years ago. I thought then those ascents would kill me. Why did I wait so long? Simply put…Fear…I would do what seemed like a difficult hike and I’d tell myself  “You’d never be able to do Chignecto” ! Cape Chignecto is  rumored to be a spectacular wilderness  backpacking path  which provides a scenic  and challenging hiking experience . Most websites list it as difficult-I’m not surprised. Different sites also list it as being 44-52 km depending…

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    Hemlocks and Hardwoods Trail- Exploring Kejimkukjik

    I’ve spent a lot of time at Keji over the years, camping with the kids,with the husband, by myself. I’ve hiked it and biked it and kayaked to an island for lunch. One of Keji’s most popular trails I hadn’t had a chance to explore until recently is the Hemlocks and Hardwoods trail. The trail starts at the parking lot at Big Dam Lake.  Unless you are like us and go in January, when  the gate to Big Dam Lake road is closed.This adds several kilometers to your hike (out and back)    This trail is roughly a 5km mostly looped route  rated as moderate. I think most people would…

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    Hiking Gaff Point

    There’s a a trail in Lunenburg Co. that is  (one of ) my new favorites…It’s Gaff Point,located about an hour and a half from Halifax. As part of  the trailhead, you need to across pebbly Hirtles’ Beach. but if you go during low tide you can walk across sand instead of rock.  Wear good hiking shoes regardless. Next, there is a short climb through a privately owned field. Please heed signs for keeping gate shut, etc. The hike is just over 7 km , and rims around around the Point. Much of the trail is easy traveling, but you’ll encounter roots and rocks. Look out for  wet sections and some…

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    Apple Picking Time in the Annapolis Valley

    Updated Sept 3 2021 Now that strawberry picking season is over and blueberries will be finished before you know it-it’s  apple picking time! It’s a favorite time of year for many.And why not?  Enjoying the crisp clear fall air, biting into tart and juicy apple, the feeling of filling the larder for the winter…. In this post, I’m going to give you tips to make the most of this great fall activity, from the correct way to pick to choosing the best apples for cooking and for eating and finish off with a few Annapolis Valley U Picks for you to try. Full disclosure. I have picked apples. But not…