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    26 Nova Scotia Day Trips From A to Z

    I think Nova Scotia is one of th best places to live and explore – I live here and I love it. I want  to share with you some of my favorite Nova Scotia Day Trips A to  Z to start you off on your adventures here. A- Advocate Harbour- I love Advocate Harbour.The scenery is stunning and NovaShores Adventures tours is definitely on my bucket list. Cape d’Or Lighthouse is a steep down hill stroll from the parking lot, but you can grab  a meal or even stay overnight. Please  note that restaurant hours are subject to change without notice so please call ahead 1-902-670-8314 or email at (or…

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    My Planned Gear List for Cape Chignecto

    Almost as important as starting to get in shape for a backpacking trip, is planning  gear list. Backpacking is not cheap but I am trying to do it as economically as I can, at the same time getting quality. Here the humongous suggested gear list for Cape Chignecto straight from the mouth of Mountain Equipment Co-Op. Because of the looonnngg list I’m going to break it up into several posts. FYI, Because of Covid, MEC is not  offering their gear rental option this year, but hope to in 2023. Too bad because that’s a way to try on backpacking with too much of an investment-in  case you hate it guts.…

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    Cleaning Your Tent and Backpack

    Spring ! Flowers a buddin’, grass a greenin’ ,and that most dreaded task of the season-spring cleaning. Even those of us who try to avoid those house cleaning chores by playing outdoors all the live long day may have some work ahead of us-to get the funk off our outdoor junk. I’m talking about cleaning your backpack and tent. Cleaning Your Backpack For a quick clean, simply empty it and give it a good wipe with a small amount of detergent free soap (Dove) on a damp rag. But sooner or later that baby is going to need a bath! How to Wash Your  Machine Washable Backpack in the Washing…

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