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Kayaking with Novashores Adventures

Kayaking with Novashores Adventures has been on my Bucket List for quite some time. Recently I had a chance to check that off my list-I booked my husband and myself on the 6 hour Three Sisters Day Tour, one of the group of sea stacks nestled along the shore of Cape Chignecto on the Bay of Fundy.

Exploring caves along our route
Exploring caves along our route

Located within the waters of Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, the Three Sisters sea stacks are one of the Bay of Fundy’s main kayaking attractions.  Local Mi’kmaw legends say they’re three sisters turned to stone. 

That was only one of the great stories our guide shared with us on this trip. There was lots of local geology too, including views of Owl Rock.

The day itself was beautiful.  Sunny ,not too hot, not too windy.

We set off from Spicer’s Beach-a little over a half hour drive  from Novashores office. Our trip was a high tide paddle, but,surprisingly, it wasn’t hard pulling  against the incoming tide.

Sun setting at Spicer's Cove
Sun setting at Spicer’s Cove

I loved that we spent lots of time exploring  caves and basalt arches learning about  the history, geology and culture of the area.

Exploring some caves along our kayaking route

One of the highlights (and there were  many!) was my very first glimpse of the Three Sisters. These seas stacks are created from  lava flows and magma forcing itself  from deep within the Earth. An ancient Mi’kmaw legends speaks of Kluskap's annoyance at Puowini’skw—female sorceresses or witch spirits—and turned them into the majestic stone formations we see at Cape Chignecto. Share on X

(full story here )

Everyone loves a picnic on the beach and so did we. Pulling ashore at Eatonville Harbour, a former shipbuilding site, our very personable guides laid out a home made,locally sourced repast fit for a king-or a hungry gaggle of paddlers. Check out a few of the delicious recipes here 

After exploring the beach(hint it’s rocky, flip flops hurt)  and enjoying each other company, we settled back into our kayaks for the trip back to Spicer’s Beach watching the tide drop along the coast as we paddled.


What You Need to Know

All Novashores guides Wilderness First Aid & Paddle Canada Level 2, or similar paddle certification. 

All their tours are double kayak tours.

Nova Shore Adventures office is located at 37 School Lane
Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia
B0M 1A0

Experiencing Cape Chignecto’s rugged coastline  on foot can be done in two ways-a multi-day backpacking trip along the coastal loop 

Or try a day hike from Eatonville. Instead of traveling though Cape Chignecto Park, over  rough road, I recommend  traveling to the trail via Spicer’s Cove ( please check tide times – one  of the bridge to Spicer’s Cover often floods during high tide )

Plan an extra day or so to enjoy a few more of the Cliffs of Fundy Geopark sites. Grab a map from one of the local visitor centers.

We stayed at Nova Shore Adventures guest room. It was clean, well appointed and charming, located right above Novashores office

Anne, the owner of Novashores Adventures Meet Anne, the gracious owner of Novashores Adventures.

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