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Now’s the time…to have a corn boil!

The corn is readdyyyy…. sweet, juicy flavourful ears, a sprinkle of salt, butter dripping down your chin.

What could be better?

Eating on the beach, that’s what!

Having a corn boil is not only a great way to celebrate the harvest and summer, its also a wonderfully easy way to host a gathering.

Gather these supplies

A big pot. Keep in mind that the usual 6 litre pot will only hold a half dozen ears. A stockpot is better. An old stockpot is best, because it will get black on the bottom and sides.

Bring lots of small dry kindling , small (as in width) split firewood Matches or lighter. Tinder-lint from the dryer works well. Or newspaper.

Water to fill your pot


Oven mitts

A foldable table or flat rock on the beach to hold butter, napkins paper plates,salt , pepper, butter knives, more napkins. beverages and cups.

Paper towels, for the cleaning or for burning if need be.

Beach rocks to keep the paper products from blowing away. .

Extra water for fire extinquishing .

Look at that luscious, fresh corn boil ready corn

Build you fire

Many times, you will see already established fire rings on the beach. This is as good a place as any to build yours, , if not make your own. Make sure your site is well away from trees, bushes and anything that may catch on fire. This is why the beach is ideal….

Remove all damp unburned wood and paper from your fire ring. Set it aside to take home to the garbage-you heard me.

Place your little heap of tinder in the ring, and light it. Carefully add very small sticks of dry kindling on top.

Above your tinder bundle, form a teepee with some kindling.

Continue adding kindling to the teepee, working your way up to larger pieces.

Build a larger teepee around your kindling teepee with wood.

Light you tinder. Continue to carefully feed it kindling, then wood.

Once the teepee burns down and you have a good fire going, it’s time to set your pot full if water in the coals., carefully wiggling it down amongst the logs so it’s not going to tip over, and put out your carefully designed campfire/scald you.

Once the water is boiling ,carefully add your corn. Cook about 10 minutes. Cautiously fish out the cobs using tongs and place the cobs on a plate to cool a bit

Waiting until the fire dies down before the corn boil starts

Putting out that FIRE!

Planning out starting the extinguishing process about 20 minutes before leaving.

Sprinkle water on the embers, stirring them with a stick or shovel to ensure all get wet.
Continue with this until you see no steam or hear no hissing sounds coming form the wood. Putting it out this way leaves the campfire site relatively dry for the next user. Of course-since we are on a beach and if it’s near the tide mark- it make get pretty wet anyway…
Put the back of your hand near the ashes. If you still feel heat, it’s too hot to leave. Continue with above steps.

Pack up all you left over food, wood, gear and litter and take it home with you.

Things to consider

What time is the tide coming in? Best to have a corn boil when it’s on its way out. Check here for times.

Is there a fire ban on? Check here for that.