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Indian Falls
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Summer Trip to Indian Falls Trail

Eureka! We found it!  Last time we attempted to find Indian Falls we failed-ended up on the edge of someone’s woods.

Rule #1 Just goes to show you can’t always trust Google directions. Seems like we had the same problem when we first tried to find Crystal Falls

It’s actually not that hard.

Trail sign @ Indian Falls
Trail sign @ Indian Falls

From Hwy 101 take Exit 13 to Route 12, head to New Ross. Turn right onto the Forties Road at New Ross and then turn left at Franey’s Corner (about 17 km) toward Parkdale and Maplewood.  Indian Fall’s Park is about 18 km from Franey Corner, just a bit past LaHave River Campground.

If you are coming from the other side of the province, take Exit 9  from Hwy 103 to New Ross and follow the above directions.

At the park which is maintained by the Municipality of Lunenburg, there is a small parking lot and large (wheelchair accessible )porta pottie and picnic tables along the LaHave River. It’s hard to believe this is the same river you ferry across  in Lahave.Here you can almost throw a rock across it.

A set of stairs leads down to the falls. Rule #2 Always pack your swimsuit.(I didn’t)

Take the picture already-at Indian Falls

From the top of the stairs  turn right onto a short trail-it’s about 10 minute each way- to a fire pit (although no campfires are allowed within the park) At the point it seems as if the trail just ends.

Trail @ Indian Falls
Trail @ Indian Falls

The trail bed is narrow but well used and easy to follow.There are roots and rocks and an occasional fallen tree across the path and at one point there is a bit of a descent that requires a little care to execute. Trail can be slippery and wet in areas. But it runs along the river with some great views from above and some  waterside areas for splashing in.

What You Need to Know About The Indian Falls Trail

Indian Falls was designated a Municipal Park to mark the Municipality of Lunenburg’s 25th anniversary
Between April and November the park is open from 8:00 am until dusk.
No winter service on the trail.
  If you are a fisher person, you may want to pack your gear.
And sure to bring your camera-there are lots of great photo opportunities.