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Grab Your One of a Kind Badges Now

Until Sept 1 2021. Buy one and get the other Free when you join Hiker Gals @ Wild in Nature

Details below

Do you keep a running list of the ]hikes completed and the ones still on your to-do list like I do?

I like to remember some of my more special hikes-ones that were challenging, enjoyable or just downright frustration.

I pilfered this idea from a patch In saw on Facebook recently.  But these are my own designs.

To purchase your own  badges to the Wild in Nature store 

For a limited time Hiker Gals at Wild in Nature members can get both badges for the price of one.That's 2 for $7 ! Click To Tweet

All you have to do is buy a badge, join the group, message me to lete know you’ve join and I will add the second badge to your order for free!

Membership is free. Join here


Custom Hiking badges
Custom Hiking badges
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