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    My Long-ish Weekend in Newfoundland

    First of all, I don’t recommend you hop on over to Newfoundland for a weekend-however long a weekend it may be. Too bad I am one of those ‘Do what I say,not what I do’ people. Flights are expensive, the ferry is excruciatingly long and  a bit pricey and Newfoundland alone is huge- including Labrador, you are looking at  405,212 square km. So…not conducive to a quick jaunt. We had five days, four nights, and some Air Miles to burn-but even so, we limited our explorations to the Avalon Peninsula and parts of the Eastern Region. Day 1. Downtown St.John’s Arrived in St.John’s about 10:30 am. Picked up the rental.…

  • Icebergs,  Newfoundland,  Other Provinces

    Chasing My Bucket List to Newfoundland

    Icebergs? Will I or won’t I? Anyone who knows me knows I am a Bucket List freak. So far, I have taken drum lessons,  bought a kayak (two of them, second hand- I love them)completed a sprint triathlon (coming in last, I may add), zipped along on an extremely thin looking line  high above the trees and  jumped in a icy lake on Jan 1st. There is no rhyme or reason to what ends up on my Bucket List. And it doesn’t look as if it will be finished  anytime soon, because new  ideas still seem to find themselves on it. Last week, I got to check icebergs off the…