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20 Things to Do When You’re Snowed In

It’s February. And although we have had quite a mixed bag of weather  in Nova Scotia, FOR SURE there is still stormy weather coming our way at some point. We may even be snowed in.
Here’s a list of 20 activities to keep yourself from going stir crazy, and quite a few you can do with no power as well.

  1. Take an online course. There are tons of free or low cost courses in every imaginable topic.
  2. Do a jigsaw puzzle or a craft such as a seasonal wreath
  3. Write your birthday and special day cards for the WHOLE year. And then address them,maybe even stamp them.You’ll thank me later.
  4. Start a recipe book of family favorites to pass along to your kids. I did this for my boys for Christmas, worked at it a little at a time and got it printed off as a coil booklet at Staples.
  5. Organize your bookshelf and prepare to donate or giveaway what you don’t love. If you can.
  6. Take  a few hours for a retreat day- soak in a sudsy tub, retreat to a quiet spot with candles, journal, your favorite pen, quiet music
  7. Create a Vision Board for the coming year.

    Make a vision board when you're snowed in
    Make a vision board on a day when you’re snowed in
  8. Work on  your family tree
  9. Hem those bloody pants
  10. Bake brownies.Only chocolate 🙂
  11. Plant some herbs. 
  12. Bake  a pot of beans from scratch
  13. Watch endless junk TV-you’re allowed.
  14. Start that blog you’ve been thinking about
  15. Reread a favorite novel
  16. Play games like Monopoly
  17. Toast weiners in the fireplace
  18. Make a snowman
  19. Clean out a closet
  20. Take a looonnng nap
    What are your go to activities for storm days? Comment below!